Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's your favorite Domain Specific Language?

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I love domain specific languages (DSL). The idea is that instead of programming at a low level (i.e. tedious and error-prone), you program at a higher level of abstraction. This means coding with a language (or even class library) that closely maps to the problem domain. For example, here are several domain specific languages. While you could try to do without, it just becomes so much easier with them:


DSLPurposeExampleManually doing without:
Regular ExpressionsFind and replace patterns in textFind all numeric decimals in a fileYou could use core string methods like SubString and IndexOf
SQLManage database dataSelect all employees that meet a certain criteriaYou could do selects by getting the entire dataset and cycling through the object model
XPathQuery xml dataGet the custom order xml nodes where price is less than $100You could step through the xml with a reader, or loop through an XmlDocument
MSBuildMicrosoft's build engine to automate your processesCompile your application on a build server, run unit tests, and then produce MSI outputsYou could use System.Diagnostics to manually run a bunch of commands, and keep track of error conditions and logging output yourself.
String Format ExpressionsFormat a string using var.ToString("myPattern")Format the number 12.3456 to only two decimal placesYou could use core string methods, and pick apart the variable, and re-assemble it.


The point is that while someone could get by without knowing the appropriate domain language, it's just not practical to tackle the domain without it. Each of these has tons of tutorials and quickstarts, so there's no reason to avoid them. An application developer should probably be comfortable with most of these.


So, what's your favorite domain specific language?

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