Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Upcoming talk: July 14 - An introduction to practical unit testing

[UPDATE] - slides at: http://www.timstall.com/2011/07/presentation-introduction-to-practical.html

I'll be presenting at the Lake County .Net Users Group this Thursday, July 14, on An Introduction to Practical Unit Testing.
Unit testing is one of those buzzwords that every developer hears about, but relatively few projects actually do in a way that adds value. Many developers view unit tests as some "tax" imposed by management. This session will show how to start using unit tests to add immediate value, as well as dispel several common myths and abuses of unit testing. It will explain how unit tests fit with other types of automated tests (integration, functional, UI, performance), as well as how unit tests are but one technique in a developers' tool belt to craft better code.
This is intended as a basic 101-level session.


  1. It was a great overview, looking forward to a 200 level, 300 level presentation and going over more of the "oh crap" scenarios.

  2. Thanks, glad you liked it.

    FYI, I posted the slides here:

    Feel free to send any questions or ideas you have - makes for good blog fodder.