Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Technology is the engine, but the Business is the steering wheel

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I like analogies. Initially, I was thinking of polar coordinates, where technology is the magnitude, but the Business is the direction - however that sounded too techy.

The idea is that you can have the most powerful technology in the world, but if it's not focused in a profitable direction, your business (which pays for the technology) will never get to the right place.

You need both tech and business, else you plateau very quickly. Without business understanding, the technologists can build amazing things - that no one wants. That's fine for hobbyists and CS college students, but not sustainable for companies.

Without technical understanding, the business people can dream of profitable ideas - that no one can build.


  1. It's all up to innovators on how to develop the technology.

  2. Most businesses often ignore intangibles like customer relationship in selling their technology. This does not help the company grow at all.

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