Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How do you know when a project is screwed?

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At the MSDN DevCon last month in Chicago, one of the groups in the community center had a very good discussion going - "How do you know when a project is screwed?"


A lot of good ideas floated around:

  • There is no test code

  • All code just has  "catch (Exception ex)" everywhere

  • There is no source control - really some projects still just make zip file backups, not even using the free SVN.

  • Reinventing basic framework methods

  • Lack of team innovation

I think that team chemistry and discipline is also a very good indicator of project success. A team that hates each other will likely fail, even if they're all individual stars. So, I think another good indicator of failure is bad team chemistry.


This sort of thing is very-opened ended., I'm assuming that anyone who's been around long enough has seen a dying project, and there are a slew of different reasons.

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