Thursday, January 22, 2009

Real Life: Taking the fridge door off

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 To fix a normal squeaky door is relatively easy - just tap out the axle that joins the hinges, oil that, tap it back in, and... no more squeaky hinge. After the 20th such hinge, I got the hang of it. So, whenever my wife says the hallway doors are squeaking (translation: "please fix them"), I'm looking forward to an easy task. However, the other day she mentioned that the fridge door was squeaking. Now that was an issue. Taking off one hinge at a time for a hallway door is easy - but fridge doors aren't built like hallway doors, so you need to take the entire door off. Taking off the entire fridge door is hard (at least for me). But, alas, there was no other way. So, I got out the necessary tools, and took the entire fridge door off, oiled the door axle, and... it too stopped squeaking! The moral is that, just like in software development, people often need to take one step back before taking two steps forward. Maybe that means throwing away precious code, reading a long article instead of just jumping to a quick solution, writing a unit test harness, or something. The current problem might require you to "take the fridge door off".


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