Sunday, January 4, 2009

Developer Scrabble

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My wife and I were playing a game of scrabble the other day, and she was cleaning my clock. I kept staring at my random set of vowels and consonants, and thinking "Couldn't I please just use developer buzzwords and acronyms?" I'd bet the board would end up looking something like this:


Some random things I noticed:

  • Normal English words and developer buzzwords use very different letters. For example, normal English words always have vowels, and usually have lots of E's and A's, while having very few X's and Q's. Developer buzzwords seem the exact opposite (think SQL, LINQ, XML, XAML, AJAX, etc...).

  • Acronyms by their nature are short. So, lots of 3 and 4 letter buzzwords.

  • Because developer buzzwords use the rare (i.e. high point-value) letters like X and Q, you could really build up a high score.


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