Sunday, November 16, 2008

Published book: A Crash Course in Reasoning

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Clear reasoning is essential for developers. So, I'm proud to have finished publishing a book "A Crash Course in Reasoning".



It's a fast read (170+ pages), in plain language. Really it's intended for high school and college students who are looking at basic reasoning skills (i.e. I have kids and I'd like them to eventually read it). However, developers may get a kick out of it too. It covers a broad spread of topics:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Chapter 2: Objective Reality

  • Chapter 3: Premises

  • Chapter 4: Logic

  • Chapter 5: Epistemology

  • Chapter 6: Communication

  • Chapter 7: Psychology

  • Chapter 8: Learning

  • Chapter 9: Conclusion

Official abstract:

Using images, tables, and constant examples, this book provides a practical and plain-English introduction to reasoning. We start by emphasizing the importance of objective reality. We then explore the different types of premises (definitions, observations, given facts, assumptions, and opinions) that can be built on this rock-solid foundation. From those premises, we can make logical inferences (both deductive and inductive) to arrive at conclusions. We strengthen this process by explaining several epistemological issues. Once the reasoning is clear in our own head, then we can communicate it to others. As we deal with other people, we’ll also need to deal with the psychological aspects that people inevitably bring with them. Finally, thinking clearly for ourselves and with others, we’ll want to apply everything we’ve discussed to increasing our learning and problem solving abilities.

This page will contain updates for the book.

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