Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MVC troubleshooting: If the controller doesn't have a controller factory...

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I was toying around with the MVC pattern, and I kept getting this error while doing a tutorial:


'TaskList.Controllers.HomeController'. If the controller doesn't have a controller factory, ensure that it has a parameterless public constructor.

I'm no MVC expert, so I had to poke around a little. Ultimately, what seemed to fix it was making the database connection key in web.config match the key in the auto-generated dbml code.


The dbml code was failing on this line (in a file like "*.designer.cs"):

public TaskListDataContext() :


I had modiefied my web.config, so there was no ConnectionString setting for "TaskListDBConnectionString", so that returned null, hence it failed. I needed to update web.config to something like so:







To troubleshoot, I started stubbing out things one at a time - making an empty solution, downloading the final code, comparing the differences, etc...


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