Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Startup Script

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I don't like re-starting my machine because I need to re-open all the misc windows and files I have loaded. However, because I still need to reboot, I wrote a simple script to open common programs and files for me.

REM: Open Windows Explorer

start explorer
start explorer

REM: Open NotePad

start notepad
start notepad "C:\MyDocuments\temp.txt"

REM: Open the DOS command window, default to a certain folder

start cmd "/Kcd C:\Utils\MyTasks"

REM: Open Internet Explorer

start /B /D"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer" iexplore.exe

REM: Open a Visual Studio solution

start /B /D"C:\MySolutions\StandardFiles" StandardFiles.sln

This opens five main things:

  • Windows Explorer

  • Notepad - a blank version, and one that stores a simple scratchpad of notes. You could also open other scratchpads.

  • Internet Explorer (could just as easily be firefox). There are also ways to pre-populate the tabs.

  • Cmd window - I set it to a directory that has a bunch of misc scripts (using the "/K" switch to call the CD command)

  • Visual Studio - In this case I open a solution folder with a bunch of misc xml files that I use.

Of course you can add other programs to the list too.


Lastly, I made a shortcut of this batch script on my desktop, so I just click it when Windows loads up. (You could probably automate the startup tasks if you want).

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