Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Excuses for installing a game on your work laptop

[This was originally posted at http://timstall.dotnetdevelopersjournal.com/excuses_for_installing_a_game_on_your_work_laptop.htm]

Of course work laptops are for work, and should only be used for "company purposes". So, how do some people justify installing games on their work machines:
  • "It's part of the operating system - Windows won't run unless I install these games. Really."

  • "By installing on my main work laptop, I'm using that laptop more, so I'm more familiar with how it works and I can more easily check work-related tasks (like email and IM, and things that require the VPN)."

  • "These games have technical educational value, and are therefore not really 'games', but rather learning tutorials that benefit the company."

  • "I'm not 'playing the game', I'm studying it to better understand how to make functional user interfaces."

  • "I'm just analyzing the deployment experience so I can glean from it and apply it to our own product."

  • "This isn't really a game, it's actually a test project that I wrote myself (such as with XNA or Silverlight)."

  • "This game was built by one of our clients, so I'm just studying their products to help me conduct better client outreach."

I'm sure there's more.

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