Sunday, October 28, 2007

Releases Silverlight TruckWars v1.1

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Silverlight TruckWars is a real-time strategy game built entirely in Silverlight. I recently releases version 1.1, which as some new features:

  • More creatures:

    • Ambulance that heals

    • Growing forests

    • Moving bricks

    • SignPost to display helpful messages

  • New levels, including tutorials and new graphics

  • Better game management - saves your progress, and an HTML toolbar that lets you jump to previously solved levels, restart the game

  • A help page

These really help round out the game.

You canplay the game online here. Being Silverlight, it essentially runs within a blog post, so feel free to leave comments on that (or any) post.


I'll blog more about these in the future. Definitely there are more enhancements I'd like to make. I'd group these into improving the engine, and adding new creatures to better demonstrate that engine. In particular, new features I'd like:

  • Incorporate Farseer Physics Engine for better collision detection

  • Add a game-difficult setting

  • Improve movement algorithms - i.e. a unit should be smart enough to move around a concave polygon.

  • Add a "building" type object that can create new units.

  • Something with railroad tracks - for my son :)

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