Sunday, October 15, 2006

'__pendingCallbacks[...].async' is null or not an object

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I was doing so ASP.Net 2.0 callbacks (see an overview here:, and kept getting this error when I did a document.location redirect on the ReceiveCallback JavaScript function.

Microsoft JScript runtime error: '__pendingCallbacks[...].async' is null or not an object

Looks like a flagrant Microsoft bug:

People have different suggestions

What worked for me is the setTimeout. However, I needed to pass a parameter to the variable, so I used a technique like so:

var _gRValue;
function ReceiveCallback(rValue)
  _gRValue = rValue;

function __ReceiveCallback(rValue)
  //Do stuff here
} //end of method

To handle the nature of setTimeout, I stored the returned data in a member variable.

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