Monday, January 16, 2012

Command-line Cyclomatic Complexity in VS2008 with VS2010 free Metrics.exe

Visual  Studio had code complexity metrics, but they were only available in the GUI. (At least for code coverage you could call the private assemblies and roll your own command-line tool.) However, VS 2010 offers  a free power-tool that lets you run complexity metrics from the command line! The result is an xml file, so you can leverage that for anything you need.
These blogs tell more:
Part of the cool thing is even if you're still on VS2008 (!), and you can't buy a 3rd party tool (NDepend!), you can still use the 2010 power tools to call .Net 3.5 assemblies. So, you could install VS2010 on your build server and use the power tools on 2008 builds.

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