Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do you have time to blog?

[This was originally posted at http://timstall.dotnetdevelopersjournal.com/do_you_have_time_to_blog.htm]

I enjoy blogging, so I encourage others to try and enjoy it too. I've met many people who say they'd like to blog, but "just don't have the time." I understand that we're all busy. I figure a single blog post can be small, with a few paragraphs, much like a big email. And, an average blog may have 2-3 posts a week. So, if you can cut out just one pointless email, every other day, then you'll have enough time to blog. And if you blog about what you're actively working on, then it's much faster, because the words, concepts, and code snippets are already at the tip of your tongue. Optimistically, there are ways to squeeze blogging into one's life.

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