Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paylocity is Hiring for a Software Engineer (in Chicago)

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Our software engineering department is hiring again. This is a technical position, we're located in Chicago. You can see the job description here.

  • Great Learning Opportunities: Working with cutting-edge .Net development (already migrated to .Net 3.5)
  • Work-Life Balance: Local software department - no travel. Dress code is casual. Office hours about 8-5. We have laptops and can do extra work at home.
  • Working from home twice a week.
  • Job Security: Smaller company (175 people total, 30 in software department), so we're too small to be outsourced, and privately owned (and owner refuses to sell), so we won't be sold.
  • Company has been profitable and grown every year (for all 10 years) - even during the IT crash we still grew.
  • Interesting work: There are separate IT and Internal development departments. Even within our department there are separate QA and Business Analyst teams. Therefore you can focus on development.
  • Great, collaborative team. Average person has maybe 8 - 10 years experience. Team is large enough that you can specialize in areas that interest you (UI, Business Tier, Database, etc...), yet small enough to still get an interesting variety.

If you're interested, just leave a message, or email me directly at


As an aside, Jeff Atwood has a great article on interviewing.

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