Sunday, November 18, 2007

Releases Silverlight TruckWars v1.3 - OpenSourced on CodePlex

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Silverlight TruckWars is a real-time strategy game built entirely in Silverlight. I recently releases version 1.3. The biggest thing is that I've now open-sourced it on CodePlex.


Check it out:

I've also added several enhancements

  • Added hold-able objects, like a key

  • Gameplay enhancmeents.

    • The biggest one is that selecting any creature now provides help text.

    • Destroying an enemy unit now can optionally provide a "treasure", like a powerup or key.

  • Lots more powerups:

    • Bounce - projectile bounces off walls

    • Thrust - doubles your thrust

    • Clone - clones the creature that got the powerup

    • Health - plus 50 health points

  • New creatures & levels

    • LandMine

    • Giant Tank

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