Monday, January 1, 2007

Paylocity is hiring a QA engineer

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If there's any sharp QA Engineers in the Chicago, IL area looking for a new job, my company, Paylocity ( is hiring. This is a good environment - little politics, vibrant and growing company, great team chemistry, and a ton of learning and growth opportunities. We're a .Net development shop, primarily working on an ASP.Net 2.0 web application that assists clients with Payroll. I'm a developer, and from a developer's perspective, the ideal candidate would have a technical and automation background, and would be comfortable with questions like:

  • How would you test the function IsEven (check here for some ideas)?
  • How would you test Notepad or Excel?
  • Have you ever needed to set up your own performance or UI testing framework?
  • Do you like using tools and technologies to simplify and automate testing? Which technologies do you think are good for QA testers to know?
  • How can you improve a process to reduce testing time (such as using automation for regression testing)?

QA engineers are vitally important, and there's so much more to good QA testing than repetitively clicking away at a website. For an opportunity to be part of a great team, just send an email to (remove the '#").

UPDATE: Description moved to here

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