Monday, July 24, 2006

A junior dev code-reviewing a senior dev

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We all know that Code Reviews are a good thing, especially for a senior dev to review a junior dev's code. But it is also beneficial to have the junior developer code-review the senior dev's work:

  • The junior dev see what good code looks like
  • The junior dev may still catch something - even senior devs make mistakes.
  • It sets a good role model - if even senior devs are having people review their code, then certainly junior devs should be too.
  • It offers humility to the senior dev - If you only review other people's code, and no one ever reviews yours, it becomes one-sided, and is easy to get into an ivory-tower mentality of only criticizing other code without accepting criticism of your own.
  • It prepares the junior dev to possible take over easier parts of the senior dev's code, freeing up the senior dev for other important tasks.

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