Monday, August 29, 2005

10 Tips on CodeSmith SubTemplates, Batch Mode, and XmlProperties

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I've finished using CodeSmith to help with generating some of our tiers (or should I say "just started"?). So I posted some things I've learned from it: 10 Tips on SubTemplates, Batch Mode, and XmlProperties on the CodeSmith Peer Support Forum. This covers solutions I've found for:

  1. Passing values between subtemplates
  2. Handling that Sub template does not inherit parent's merge strategy
  3. Handling that target of RenderToFile must exist
  4. Handling Multi-level subtemplates
  5. Throwing and using errors in batch mode
  6. Embed XmlProperty filename instead of data
  7. Dynamically make your own batch file
  8. Only write new content
  9. Reusable code for XmlProperties
  10. Instantiate an XmlProperty at runtime

Details on the forum.

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  1. The link to the support forum is dead. Do you still have the full post ? I am struggling to set an XmlProperty at runtime.