Monday, June 13, 2005

.Net Tools besides NUnit, NAnt, and NDoc

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There are a lot of other great and free tools out there besides just NUnit, NAnt, and NDoc. I'm always keeping my eyes out for freeware tools because they can really simplify one's life. Two things I do to help organize this: I have a special folder in IE dedicated to just tools, and each new tool gets its own subfolder. This provides a place if I ever come upon other articles or links for that tool. If I dump every tool-related download, FAQ, and article, then the folder gets unmanageable. Once you get 20+ tools, this is a big deal. I also have a corresponding folder structure on my hard drive where I can save the installers. I don't download them directly to the ProgramFiles folder because it gets flooded.

Here are some tools that aren't as popular as NUnit, but I've still found useful.

Free online tools (provided as a web-page):

Free Downloads:

I'm sure this list will continue to grow.

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