Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Remote Desktop

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Remote Desktop (a.k.a. Terminal Services) allows your to remotely connect to another machine. Whenever you need to do tasks across machines, such as setting up a build process or logging into your desktop from work, RDT is great. While this tool has been out for several years, it is automatically included in Windows XP.

There is a feature that I found very useful - the ability to copy files between computers. It's one thing to be able to see another machine, and even manipulate data on it, but very quickly you'll want to transfer data between machines. Of course this could pose a security risk because a hacker who got remote access could now upload a dangerous file, but the risk seems worth it in most cases.

Below I outline the steps to configure RDT to allow file transfers.

First open up RDT from Start > All programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection. You'll be prompted with a login window. You can enter either a computer name or IP address.

Select the options button and goto Local Resources > Local Devices group > check "Disk Drives".

You may be prompted to still make the drives available, select รข€˜OK'.

You can find out more information about Remote Desktop by clicking the Help button in the connection window, or searching on MSDN.

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